Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BTS #1 - Film Concept and Vision (Pera-perahang Lata)

BTS (Behind-the-scene) video (1 out of 4) for "Pera-perahang Lata" (Penny from the Tin Can) in partial fulfillment for my grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

Videography by Dustin Uy
Music by Philip Arvin Jarilla

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pera-perahang Lata (Penny from the Tin Can) Theme Song

Pera-perahang Lata (Penny from the Tin Can) Theme Song

Composed and performed by Paul Arroyo of the band X-Axis

Sound Engineer: Philip Arvin Jarilla
Director/Director of Photography/Editor: Rianne Hill Soriano

This is a no budget music video using a palm-size mini DV camera while documenting the recording session at the studio. I grabbed one halogen lamp from the house and used it to light the shots. Then the footages of the film are still offline and no color correction yet... pardon the not equal cropping coz i just covered the time code from the bottom of the frame... 95% of the studio shots were handheld :)

Acknowledgments: National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the staff, cast, and crew of PPL, Unitel, Filmex, Engine Room, Hit Productions, Marikina City Government, Saint Francis Xavier Parish Church, Yobs Restaurant, and Colorwheel Media Studios

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Plans for Film's DVD and the Last Parts of Post-production

I'm so excited to finish the last part of post-production in Manila when I get back by last week of December this year. I'm yet to finalize things, but so far, these are the initial plans:

I'll be finalizing the poster with Ojay and Chrisel. I'm also hoping that I can do the DVD authoring with them. Perhaps, I'll also contract them with the DVD cover. For the film's DVD, since the film is less than 30 minutes long, it would have enough space for: the film; the trailer; the behind-the-scene videos; 2 music videos from the OST, and the press kit (with production notes, production stills, and BTS photos).

I think Philip is considering recording some of the musical score again, this time doing live recording with musicians he knows. Some parts of the musical score were made using computer softwares only. And it would really be great to re-record them with live musical instruments.

Actually, there are around 3 dialogues that I still wanted to be dubbed... I think Philip is working on them already.

After the online editing and color correction, the HD and SD copies (NTSC) of the film will be released.

Then, we will start doing the plans for the film's premiere and making the copies of collaterals including poster and other small things for the film, then dub copies of the film in HD tape and DVD.

Hopefully, we can find sponsors for these :D I'll do my best.

PPL offline copy here in Korea

I've been staying here in Seoul for 4 months now. And the final mix of the sound was already emailed to me. Now, I'm about to start manually fixing the EDL for my online editing when I get back to Manila. So far, I released a DVD copy of the film's offline and it was seen by a couple of people from various walks of life already... Some are film professionals, some are from the Cultural Partnership Initative Program (where I met lots of awesome Filipino delegates), some are OFWs, some people from the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, some are friends from Korea, Europe, and other parts of Asia. So far, I'm blessed enough to hear good feedbacks... and I owe it to everyone who worked and helped in this production. In fact, my Philippine mobile phone bill raised so much because of communicating with some of them coz I just couldn't help but share my wonderful stories about our film from this side of the world. I'll save the specific stories and notes when I meet you guys personally. I'll be back in Manila on Dec. 29, 2008.

The BTS video (divided into 4 parts: Concept and Vision of the Film, Production Experience, Behind-the-scene Work, and On-Cam Work) is already finished. I'm just waiting for the sound mix from the Philippines, then I can upload the 4 videos online already, hopefully within the month.

I'm planning to start editing the "Sa Pagdating" (reedit for the final music released by the musical scorer) and "Kaibigan" music videos within the month. I just need more time to sit on them.