Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sa Pagdating Music Video Performed by the St. Francis Xavier Parish Grand Choir

Performed by: St. Francis Xavier Parish Grand Choir
Composition by: Philip Arvin Jarilla
Featuring: Von Arroyo and Arnold Reyes
Locations: St. Francis Xavier Parish Church, Marikina Riverbanks, Marikina Riverpark, Marikina and Antipolo streets

Director: Rianne Hill Soriano
Director of Photography: Wowie Hao
Production Designer: Joy Puntawe
Executive Producer: Rianne Hill Soriano
Editor: Rianne Hill Soriano
Asst. Director: Karla Pambid
Production Manager: Gavin Herrera
Art Directors: Armi Rae Cacanindin and Kiko Tolentino
Associate Producer: Ayeen Pineda
2nd Unit Cameraperson: Tricia Okada

NCCA, Filmex, Unitel, Engine Room, Father Jeff Quintela of St. Francis Xavier Parish Church and the St. Francis staff, Rodel Melad and the St. Francis Xavier Parish Grand Choir, Melvin Gasmena, Marikina City government, Marikina Riverbanks, Streetpark Productions, and Brass Knuckles

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Principal Photography - Day 3

After the wrap, around 10am of Feb. 7, 2008 (From left to right: PM Gavin, actress Via, PD Joy, director Rianne, actor Arnold, AD Karla)
After the wrap, around 10am of Feb. 7, 2008 (From left to right: actor Von, Actress Via, AD Karla, actor Arnold, director Rianne, PD Joy, BTS cameraman Dustin, PM Gavin, oh... our boom man, Mark, what's his name again? :) )
Von, Karla, Arnold, Via, and Rianne's hair.
PA Princess with PM Gavin as bit players. That's Armi running and Joy a. k. a. Purplecow with a purple belt bag (she has fetish with purple).
From behind the scene to a short screen time ...
Marikina scrap metal statues are amazing! (From left to right: Art Director Armi, PD Joy, actor Gio, PM Gavin).
Behind the scene: Fountain sequence.

PD Joy checking the frame. AC Nelson poses for the cam and with the cam hehe!
Mark our field sound recordist probably recording wild sound?? :)
BTS - sequence with adult beggar.

BTS - a night sequence...

Marie our PA, Marie, what's the shot no.? Wehehe!

BTS - Another night sequence...

BTS - And another night sequence...

BTS - Chasing sequence