Sunday, November 16, 2008

PPL offline copy here in Korea

I've been staying here in Seoul for 4 months now. And the final mix of the sound was already emailed to me. Now, I'm about to start manually fixing the EDL for my online editing when I get back to Manila. So far, I released a DVD copy of the film's offline and it was seen by a couple of people from various walks of life already... Some are film professionals, some are from the Cultural Partnership Initative Program (where I met lots of awesome Filipino delegates), some are OFWs, some people from the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, some are friends from Korea, Europe, and other parts of Asia. So far, I'm blessed enough to hear good feedbacks... and I owe it to everyone who worked and helped in this production. In fact, my Philippine mobile phone bill raised so much because of communicating with some of them coz I just couldn't help but share my wonderful stories about our film from this side of the world. I'll save the specific stories and notes when I meet you guys personally. I'll be back in Manila on Dec. 29, 2008.

The BTS video (divided into 4 parts: Concept and Vision of the Film, Production Experience, Behind-the-scene Work, and On-Cam Work) is already finished. I'm just waiting for the sound mix from the Philippines, then I can upload the 4 videos online already, hopefully within the month.

I'm planning to start editing the "Sa Pagdating" (reedit for the final music released by the musical scorer) and "Kaibigan" music videos within the month. I just need more time to sit on them.

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