Sunday, November 16, 2008

Plans for Film's DVD and the Last Parts of Post-production

I'm so excited to finish the last part of post-production in Manila when I get back by last week of December this year. I'm yet to finalize things, but so far, these are the initial plans:

I'll be finalizing the poster with Ojay and Chrisel. I'm also hoping that I can do the DVD authoring with them. Perhaps, I'll also contract them with the DVD cover. For the film's DVD, since the film is less than 30 minutes long, it would have enough space for: the film; the trailer; the behind-the-scene videos; 2 music videos from the OST, and the press kit (with production notes, production stills, and BTS photos).

I think Philip is considering recording some of the musical score again, this time doing live recording with musicians he knows. Some parts of the musical score were made using computer softwares only. And it would really be great to re-record them with live musical instruments.

Actually, there are around 3 dialogues that I still wanted to be dubbed... I think Philip is working on them already.

After the online editing and color correction, the HD and SD copies (NTSC) of the film will be released.

Then, we will start doing the plans for the film's premiere and making the copies of collaterals including poster and other small things for the film, then dub copies of the film in HD tape and DVD.

Hopefully, we can find sponsors for these :D I'll do my best.

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