Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 1 Shoot Storyboarding

Both graduates of De La Salle University and both being animators, Ramon del Prado and Dave Navarro made the storyboard for the "Pera-perahang Lata."

Ramon is a core group member of Tuldok Animation Studios and taking up his MFA at the School of Visual Arts. He also directed award-winning short animated films including "Egg," "I Am the Superhero," "Putek," "Dok," and "Libingan."

Dave currently works as a sound engineer and voice talent at Hit Productions.

Pera-perahang Lata Pre-prod for Day 1

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pera-perahang Lata Workshop for Day 1 Shoot

Workshop, getting-to-know, and bonding moments for the staff and cast (many secrets were revealed wehehe!)

Von Arroyo as Nilo
Judith Soriao as Gary's mom
Dante Balois as Gary's dad
Jocel Vergel de Dios as Gary's sister

Venue: Boardroom of the Avignon Tower, dela Costa St. Makati City
You also see my AD Karla Pambid and my casting coordinator Gigi Pirote (both very talented actresses I have worked with before) facing each other at the lower right side. Bor Ocampo is there too... bit playing as a lover with his girlfriend in the film Ayeen Pineda (who took all these pix as well hehe!)

Pera-perahang Lata Voice Recording of Nilo's Mom and Sister Characters

Gigi Pirote as Nilo's mom
Noemi Oineza as Nilo's little sister
Sound engineer: Philip Arvin Jarilla

Special thanks to:

Hit Productions
Dennis Cham, Senior Partner and Technical Director
Brian Cua, Senior Partner and Creative Director
Salomon Malca, Senior Partner and CFO
Vic Icasas, President and Managing partner
Eric Adorable, Director of Audio Engineering
Leticia Sarmiento, Traffic Manager
Vener Ariston, Transfer Technician
Dave Navarro, Audio Engineer
RJ Mortega, Audio Engineer
Philip Arvin Jarilla, Audio Engineer

Auditions for the Film

The dates Aug. 17 and 18, 2007 were stormy days... Good to know many came to the auditions still :D

Locations for Day 1 Shoot (Nilo's and Gary's Apartments, Wake Sequence)

We found the best locations for the film!!! We love Marikina City!

Special thanks to:

San Roque Barangay Hall (Brgy. Capt. Benjamin Cruz)

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Day After Pera-perahang Lata Day 1 Shoot

I have never updated much of this blog since I signed the MOA for my film grant. Well, after signing it last Aug. 2, 2007 at the NCCA, I had to focus on the pre-prod since I needed to shoot on Sept. 2 - yeah, exactly 1 month after. For the record, this is the shortest pre-prod I'm doin as a filmmaker. Really tough. I had exactly one month to do loc scouting, oculars, marketing, conducting auditions, workshops, pre-prod meetings, doing my pegs, making the storyboard, securing permits, and all other pre-prod stuff (all while documenting all the works as much as I could).

Today is Sept. 3, 2007. Day after my shoot. 6:50 p. m. I haven't had enough sleep and rest yet. I had class the entire day. Filmmaker yesterday, teacher today. :D Funny, one of my students brought that thing medical people use to measure blood pressure. haha! mine is 80/70. yeah. stress. I need to sleep first to recover. But hey, I'm home now. But I'm not yet sleepy. Had to work on stuff din. Ahehe! Anyway, since Day 1 is now accomplished, I can probably update this a bit with some pics or videos of the pre-prod and the Day 1 shoot of the film. I just have to get back on my work stuff and find time to get back to blogging then. =p

Yesterday was a blast. Another tough day. But when you love what you do, no matter how hard things become at certain aspects of it, you know you'll get through. Thanks to all who made this film possible! Day 2 shoot on December!!!