Monday, December 10, 2007

To the production staff and cast

It has been really tough having to resked our shoot and have sudden changes due to sked complications. And I would like to thank you all for understanding. And it means a lot hearing those words from you, not just those who are really my friends and close to me, but also those I just knew through this production - who have made this tough time much lighter to bear. Hearing words that show the concern and the passion for what we do makes it much better for everyone. And I am ultimately thankful. And with the positive energy of the production, I can rest assure you all that our new sked will be for the best of the film. And I am giving my 100% to make this project worthwhile for all. Once again, thanks everyone! It wouldn't be possible without you... Cya before Christmas! Merry Christmas and merry shoot to us!!! Hehe! =D

- Rianne

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