Friday, August 3, 2007

URGENT: We need help for our locations for a new film (factory, church, funeraria, lower-middle class apartment) to be shot on September

In line with the new independent short film (a film grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts) we are shooting on Sept. 2, 2007 and December 2007, I would like to ask your help in getting the right locations for the film. Due to certain turn of events, we are officially starting pre-prod today and we have less than a month for pre-prod in order to shoot the film. And so, we are seeking your help and suggestions for the following locations that we need:

- A small-, medium- or large-scale factory (within the vicinity of Metro Manila) that is primarily manufacturing such products as milk or soda or any other canned goods.
- A cinematic church or chapel with a grand opening of the Simbang Gabi this coming Dec. 16 (if possible, if we can also get the contact person and contact numbers of maybe the parish priest and administrative people of the church so we can further discuss our plans and intentions)
- A lower-middle class small house where we can shoot a “burol” scene inside the house and extend the seats and giving of “tong,” etc. outside the house. If anybody can help as in getting the art requirements for a “burol” scene as well like a funeraria where we can rent a coffin, some lights, and the rest of the stuff we normally seen during a “burol,” and maybe flowers too, we would gladly appreciate these things really.
- An apartment with a window and door beside each other and the window showing the outside of the apartment

If you have any idea for these locations that we need, or maybe you own any of these, kindly email at or text at 0920-9273651 so that we can discuss the possibilities of getting your place as location. We would really appreciate your suggestions. We are paying the locations and we will fix the permits needed, but we hope that you would understand that we cannot provide the commercial rates that others get for a TV commercial, mainstream film, or a TV production. We are allotting a budget for our locations, but it wouldn’t be as high as the likes of getting a location for an advertising project. With regards to the factory, and if it’s okay, with the church location, possible x-deals and media mileage can be something to consider as well upon further discussion of such possibilities. We really need these locations “super-urgent.” Thank you very much for your time!


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