Saturday, July 5, 2008

Updates About Pera-perahang Lata

For all those involved in the production of Pera-perahang Lata, please accept my apologies for the delay of the premiere of the film. The major problem encountered was with the sound and music production. Most of you know how things happened and I am hopeful of your understanding. So far, the music is almost done and approvals and correspondences would be done online (transferring low res versions) as I am currently in Seoul Korea for the Asian Film Professionals Training Program. I am staying here until Dec. 23, 2008. Once I get back, I shall move on to the online editing (primarily the conforming of the offline edit and laying in the mixed track of the sound and the colorgrading). After which, the master copies shall be finally released through Optima.

I will be submitting the mini DV (offline version) to the NCCA in a month or two from now. To follow, I will also submit an online copy next year once it is available. If I were in the Philippines, the premiere would be within the said time frame as well. However, given how things have gone, we are now looking forward for a premiere on January 2009. Yes, I know it is such a long wait for a 29-minute short film (inclusive of credits). However, even though I would want to try having a premiere within the actual Christmas season (considering the film being about the Filipino Christmas season), I don't think it's possible as that means keeping up with the surely tight schedule of Optima by December - considering the many projects that may be coming in by that time especially with the Metro Manila Film Festival entries post-production. Moreover, the earliest I will be able to get back to Manila is Christmas Eve already. And most will be on vacation within the Christmas season. So I don't think it would be wise to still hope for a Christmas premiere, thus it will be a post-Christmas premiere. :)

I am uploading the new trailer of the film soon. It's already done. I just have to find time to upload it from my external hard drive. I'll try to upload new photos during the post-production as well once I get some free time. The "Kaibigan" music video and the BTS will also be available in around 2 months. I am working on them already, slowly but surely... whenever I have free time here in Korea. So far, it's been such a busy stay. But just like how the Pinoys say it "Kung gusto may paraan..." =p

Let's look forward to a great premiere ahead!!!

And oh, our lead actor Von Arroyo is once again part of the Pinoy Dream Academy of ABS-CBN. You can also check him out there. He's a very different person there compared to Pera-perahan's Nilo. :D Check out Arnold's new films too with Adolf Alix (also starring Ms. Anita Linda) and another one... hmmhhh... Arnold, update me about more details... I forgot the title... :s

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